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All-round Paint

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The product is activated and composed with selected natural inorganic mineral materials. Featured by zero-formaldehyde and zero-VOC, Yan Sen Tai can absorb and degrade the harmful gas such as formaldehyde and VOC emitted from furniture, carpet, floor and artificial materials in the indoor environment, providing you with a natural-oxygen-bar living environment. The 5th-generation multi-functional natural coating material is of good plasticity, water retentivity and application property as well as good adhesive property, adhesive force, anticracking performance and toxin and odor-free property as well as ready living after decoration. It can be applied with various methods. Users can design pictures and patterns to create colorful decorative effect. Thus, the products can enlighten users' imagination and inspiration as well as demonstrate personal taste. Yan Sen Tai is the ideal paste painting to create unique, safe and healthy life space.

The 5th-generation multi-All-round paint

1. Zero-formaldehyde/VOC
2. Degrade formaldehyde/VOC
3. Fall PM2.5
4. Release negative oxygen ion and far infrared ray
5. Remove odor
6. Prevent and resist mildew and bacteria
7. Noise reduction and insulation
8. Fireproof and fire-retardant
9. Moisture protection and moisture absorption
10. Smoke abatement and dust extraction
11. Eyesight protection
12. Oxidation resistance

Scope of application:
Yan Sen Tai can be applied on the walls of concrete, bricks, gypsum boards, composite boards and old walls. Yan Sen Tai can be widely applied in the indoor decoration of villas, high grade residences, kindergartens, hospitals, schools, star-level hotels, entertainment venues, gymnasiums, fitness centers, office buildings, conference rooms, waiting rooms and terminal buildings.