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1. How to deal with the old wall before painting Yan Sen Tai Coating Material?

Repair, level and polish the old wall before painting. The walls with hollow drums, bubbles, water leakage and falling dust shall be firstly cleaned, leveled and polished. Windows and doors shall be installed before painting. The old walls likely to have peelings in the rolling painting shall be coated the wall bound rubber before construction.

2. Tips for the painting of artistic paint, fluid wallpaper and metal paint of Yan Sen Tai Coating Material?
(1) The artistic paint, fluid wallpaper and metal paint shall be coated with puff and polished when the walls have no peelings.
(2) The wallpaper and wall cloth on old walls shall be removed before one scraping painting of Yan Sen Tai Coating Material. 
(3) The cement mortar wall can be directly painted Yan Sen Tai Coating Material, but it is suggested to firstly paint a puff for a low cost. The diatom ooze walls can be polished before painting.
(4) The peelings and hollow drums on the walls shall be removed firstly.

3. Water-powder ratio and some tips for Yan Sen Tai Coating Material 
1. Water-powder ratio 
Rolling painting and spraying painting: water-powder ratio=0.8:1
Scraping painting and printing painting: water-powder ratio=1:2
Elastic painting: water-powder ratio=0.6:1

2. Construction tips 
(1) Strictly follow the required water-powder ratio, or the powder may not be mixed together with water if there is too much water. 
(2) The mixture shall be stirred for over ten minutes to make them mix well.
(3) The tools after filtering shall be cleaned timely for next use.
4. Tips for scraping, rolling and spraying painting.

1. Rolling painting
(1) After the first painting, you should timely implement the second painting, or it will be fail to paint as the material has a good water absorption;
(2) As for the places with plaster lines in the corners and modeling arcs on the top, dilute this product into solution and paint two or three times with goat hair brush.
(3) The stirred coating material shall be filtered with screens or small and medium filters before painting.
(4) During the rolling painting, avoid repeated rolling when there is little coating material, or it will affect film formation effect.
(5) The coating material shall be evenly and uniformly painted in the down-up order.

2. Scraping painting
(1) Pour water first in the stirring of the mixed water and powder;
(2) Clear all scraping marks in the third scraping painting;
(3) In the polishing, the coating material shall be cleared away every time.

3. Spraying painting
(1) Ceilings and walls in the same room shall be painted at the same time;
(2) During spraying painting, move at the speed of 4 s/m. Never stop or move too fast.