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Twelve functions, all-day purification and ready living after decoration!

1. Natural and environment-friendly, zero-formaldehyde and zero-VOC

Rich in various minerals, the product is created through advanced technologies, realizing real zero-formaldehyde and zero-VOC .

2. Smog treatment, dustfall of PM2.5

Tourmaline can release negative oxygen ion and capture particles, realizing effective dustfall of PM2.5.

3. Air purification, formaldehyde degradation
Free harmful substances such as formaldehyde, Benzene, ammonia, radon and VOC, and absorb, decompose and dispel them with thousands of micro pores.

4. Remove undesirable odor and create fresh and comfortable indoor environment
Remove undesirable odor resulting from indoor pollution and create fresh and comfortable indoor environment.

5. Accelerate micro circulation and improve sleep quality
The lasting release of negative oxygen ion and far infrared ray can adjust human micro circulation and improve sleep quality and disease resistance. 

6. Kill pathogenic bacteria and prevent mildew
Decrease indoor air humidity, prevent mildew and acarid and kill pathogenic bacteria.

7. Dispel smoke and clean dust
Absorb lampblack and dust, and decompose them; it can"t stick dust as it produces no static electricity.

8. Heat preservation and energy conservation, moisture protection and moisture absorption
As the micro pore structure reduces heat conductivity to the lowest level, it has a good effect of heat preservation, heat insulation, moisture protection and humidity preservation.

9. Fireproof and fire-retardant, nontoxic and harmless
The fireproof natural minerals cause no harmful smoke and prevent fire spreading.

10. Micro pores with sound absorption have insulation and denoising effect
Numerous micro pores can effectively absorb and reduce the harmfulness of noise on human health.

11. Soft color can absorb light and protect eyesight
The soft color with a good absorbance and soft reflected rays can protect children"s eyesight.

12. Antioxidative, unfalling, long serve life
It can"t roll and fall off. It is colorfast and antioxidative. Boasting a long service time, it reduces investment and pollution of repeated decoration.