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Yan (Rock):take natural rocks as raw materials, and dissolve the dry power in clean water, stir it into natural paste and coat it on walls. Break through traditional chemical emulsion paint.

Sen (Forest):forest-like care, create green and safe living environment, absorb and decompose harmful substance in the air through unique absorption and degradation functions.

Tai (Ecology):flying-geese-shape team and positive spirit can unite employees to provide customers with natural environment-friendly paste paint. Found Leukemia Poverty Relief and Education Assistance Foundation and spread more people the value of caring for life. Undertake social responsibility and achieve harmonious development of the enterprise, employees, customers, society and environment.


1、Transform traditional emulsion paint and take natural rocks as raw materials.


2、The low-carbon and environment-friendly raw material is dry powder which is convenient for transport and storage.


3、Dissolved in clean water solvent, it can form natural paste which can be coated in walls. 

4、Cutting-edge physical film-formation technology, over 20-year service life.