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Harmfulness of formaldehyde
As a gas, formaldehyde is colorless and has a pungent irritating odor. The 35%-40% water solution is commonly known as formalin. Formaldehyde is the protoplasmatic poison which can be compounded with protein. After inhaling high-concentration formaldehyde, people will suffer from severe irritation and edema in respiratory tract, and eye irritation, headache as well as bronchitis and asthma. Pregnant women"s long-time inhaling of formaldehyde will cause deformed and even dead babies. Long-term inhaling of formaldehyde will make people suffer from headache, lack of strength, deficiency of spleen and stomach, palpitation, insomnia, loss of weight and abalienation. What"s worse, formaldehyde contains strong carcinogenic ingredients.
The harmfulness of formaldehyde includes heterosmia, abnormal lung function, abnormal liver function, immunologic dysfunction, etc. When formaldehyde content is higher than 0.1-2.0mg/m³ in interior air, 50% of people can smell the odor; when it reaches 2.0-5.0mg/m³, people will sneeze as eyes and trachea are strongly irritated. When it reaches 10mg/m³, people will have the breath difficulty. When it reaches 50mg/m³, people will die at once.

Harmfulness of VOC

VOC has a very complicated structure, including formaldehyde, Benzene, toluene, xylene, trichloroethylene, chloroform and diisocyanate acids. VOC mainly comes from paint materials, adhesive and artificial materials. The paint in home decoration is one of the main source of interior VOC. When indoor VOC reaches a certain density, people will feel suffer from headache, nausea, lack of strength, and even convulsions and coma. What"s worse, people"s liver, kidney, brain and nervous system will be damaged and people will suffer hypomnesis. 
According to international standard, VOC content in interior wall paint shall not be higher than 200g/L. The latest standard issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection speculates that VOC content shall not be higher than 100g/L in the environment-friendly water-soluble interior wall paint products.
Chinese Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee published indoor environment warning and listed indoor environment formaldehyde pollution in the home decoration of places in China.
Beijing: Of 1,000 homes monitored by Indoor Environment Monitoring Center, formaldehyde content in 60% of homes is averagely four times as high as the national standard, and the highest level is six times higher. 

Qingdao: Of 85 homes monitored by Qingdao Product Quality Monitoring Institution, the indoor air of 70% homes is unqualified due to the high formaldehyde content.

Nanjing: Of 365 homes monitored by Nanjing Indoor Environment Monitoring Center, the air pollution exists in nearly two thirds of homes with formaldehyde and benzene as main pollutants.