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Shenzhen Yong An Zheng Neng Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, marketing and after-sale service of natural paste paint. We resolutely adhere to "safe, environment-friendly and low-carbon" architectural product and technology and strive to create safe, environment-friendly and low-carbon living residence with artistic feature. To make consumers safely and trustingly use our brand-new zero-formaldehyde and zero-VOC natural paste paint product, Yan Sen Tai takes health and environmental protection as responsibility and creatively replaces the traditional paste paint, making our living environment safer and more reliable. 

Over many years, we have long been adhered to the operation philosophy of "winning reputation and market through honesty and high quality" and improved efficiency with quality and management through introducing domestic and international modern production and management mode as well as advanced technical equipment in the innovation-driven method. All the staff in our enterprise will enthusiastically and positively devote to the production and operation to provide satisfactory services for customers and strive to score new achievements.

As a breakthrough of indoor paint material, Yan Sen Tai Natural Paste Paint is of considerable social benefit. I love this industry and transmit my enthusiasm to all staff. We can not only solve the pollution in indoor decoration, but hope that our products can be widely used in the society.

An enterprise should undertake its social responsibility. Since its very beginning, Yong An Zheng Neng has founded Leukemia Poverty Relief and Education Assistance Foundation with the start-up capital of 100,000 yuan. In the sales, 1 yuan will be put in the Foundation with each kilometer of product sold. 40% of the Foundation is reserved for leukemia patients, 30%, for health education, and 30%, for education assistance and poverty relief.

For a long time, we hope to stand at the height of scientific development and make efforts to help governments build livable city, environment-friendly city and ecological city. We hope to maintain the sustainable natural ecological system and economic and social system and promote urban economic development.